Reducing energy consumption- It can be done!

Intersect Sectional Title Services proudly manages the Icon Building on the Foreshore in Cape Town. 

The Icon is a 19 storey building that used to be a high consumer of energy.  So much so that we were concerned and adamant that things had to change.  However, reducing the energy consumption in any building takes a concerted effort by the property owners, managers, tenants and staff, but is a most worthwhile exercise, both from a financial and environmental point of view. 

We started out by tracking the consumption of the building at various stages and over a period of time and compared this to the municipal invoices and meter reading statistics.  This then presented us with a benchmark and allowed us to calculate what we would like to achieve in energy reduction. 

Once we ascertained our goal, we set about identifying the energy intensive apparatus in the building and sought ways to reduce their consumption. 

This led to our replacing in excess of 600 T8 fluorescent light fittings with the smaller and more energy efficient T5 fittings, and converting some 1100 downlighters to LED alternatives. 

The further installation of CO2 sensors in the basement parking levels, thereby reducing the usage of the extraction fans from 24/7 to ‘as required’, resulted in a massive decrease in the energy consumption of the building. 

We were also able to take advantage of Eskom’s rebate policy to recover a great deal of the capital cost of the exercise as well. 

These measures, along with the awareness and assistance from the various role players in the building, have led to significant reductions in both energy consumption and cost.  Further savings are achieved by the installations of timers and sensors thereby utilising apparatus only when required.  These savings are perpetual and, in the face of ever increasing energy costs, are a welcome reprieve for the owners of this building, which we are proud to be associated with and pleased that we could assist in this exercise.