How many proxies may an individual hold?

How many proxies may be held by any one person at a meeting of sectional title owners?  

The answer is, at present, as many proxies as that person receives – unless the registered management rules state anything to the contrary (which is very rare). 

Confusion has developed recently as a result of the draft new legislation, being the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act.  The draft new act states that a member may be represented in person or by proxy at a meeting, provided that a person must not act as a proxy for more than two members. 

However, the draft Act is not yet in force, and only recently (October 2015) been opened for public comment. 

Another important factor to remember about proxies is that if a person is representing a legal entity, i.e. a company, close corporation or trust, then the person will require a resolution to that effect, over and above the prescribed form of proxy issued by the convener of the meeting. 

So, until the new Act is promulgated, the status quo remains, i.e. a person may hold unlimited proxies, thereafter it may be limited to 2.