Intersect supports special needs school

Following a plea, heard on a local talk radio station, for musical equipment needed by the Oasis Special School in Belhar, Cape Town, the Spire Property Group of companies responded and donated goods to the school.

Mr Martin Bester, Managing Director of Intersect Sectional Title Services and Intersect Property Sales and Rentals, both subsidiaries of the Spire Property Group, heard a plea on Cape Talk radio one morning requesting a keyboard or piano for a school which educates mentally and physically handicapped children in the Cape Flats.

“After tracking the school down I was introduced to Mrs Martin, who then explained that she was the voice on the radio and described the school and its needs to me. I knew then that we had to do something to assist.” says Bester, who then arranged with the CEO’s of Spire Property Management, Tower Property Fund and the Spire Property Group to collaborate and provide the school with much needed equipment.

“We ascertained that not only did the school require a piano but also other musical instruments such as drums, maracas and tambourines as the children love music but the school had run out of equipment - and funds are always in short supply and prioritised elsewhere” continued Bester, “so we provided same and, at the same time, enquired as to what other equipment was needed by the school. Ultimately, we provided the school with a new refrigerator and toaster for the kitchen, as well as ironing boards, irons, cooking utensils, baking equipment, clothing and various other items for the school’s domestic science room, which was in much need of new equipment.”

The Oasis Special School has offered specialised professional education to mentally handicapped learners since 1957, irrespective of their cultural background, with a view to providing sufficient opportunities and experiences for the learners so that they are able to develop to their full potential and to be successfully integrated into the community.

More details about the school may be obtained via its website at, and any assistance that can be provided to assist this worthy initiative would be hugely appreciated by the teachers, volunteers and, of course, the learners.