Can Sectional Title schemes reduce water consumption?

Yes we can!

The Western Cape is experiencing its worst water crisis in recorded history.  So, what can we do as residents and owners and property managers, within the sectional title arena?

At Intersect, we have been involved in several water-saving measures across our buildings.  Not the least of which is education.  By circulating information from, inter alia, the City of Cape Town to our clients as well as informative notices on saving water, we are able to increase the awareness of the water scarcity and the effect of same should every resident not put measures in place to save every drop.

More capital-intensive projects such as rain-water harvesting, ground-water extraction, filtration and waterless ablutions have also been applied across several of our buildings.

Softer targets, such as intelligent metering, immediately repairing damaged water lines and apparatus as well as switching off water-features and irrigation, have all contributed to an overall reduction in water consumption of around 50% across our portfolios.

Much more is required to ensure a sustainable water resource, but, with the City’s ongoing initiatives, as well as the residents’ conscientious approach to water usage, matters are certainly improving.

In sectional title, the trustees are responsible for the control and management of the common property, and whilst the water is not common property - but rather a resource managed by the State - the water does reticulate through the common property water pipes and meters, and therefore the trustees should play a more active role in the management thereof. 

Intersect Sectional Title Services assists the trustees in any way it can.

For more information visit the City of Cape Town’s Think Water site by clicking the link.