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terms and conditions:

Intersect Sectional Title Services (Pty) Ltd [Intersect] is an estate agency, registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board, and as such we operate a trust account on behalf of all our clients. The below terms and conditions are regarded as accepted when registering as a service provider:

  1. Intersect releases payments once a week, and on Saturdays alone. Should a Saturday happen to fall on a public holiday, the release date will default to the 1st working day thereafter.
  2. All invoices are subject to an approval process.  Invoices that are not approved by the relevant client will not be settled.
  3. Once approved, invoices are scheduled for payment as per point 1, provided approval is received on or before the Tuesday of the same week, else same will be scheduled for the following Saturday.
  4. All monthly, including recurring, invoices are to be submitted to Intersect's offices on or before the 20th day of each month.  Invoices received after said date will be scheduled for the following month’s release. 
  5. All payments are made by means electronic funds transfer, no cash or cheques are issued.
  6. Payments are only made to creditors with verified banking details.  Verification may take the form of a cancelled cheque, a bank statement or written confirmation, with an official stamp or on an original letterhead, from the financial institution concerned.  Banking details reflected on invoices or statements or noted in the content of an email will not be accepted.
  7. All invoices are to be made in favour of the relevant client and addressed to PO Box 155, Rondebosch, 7701.  Invoices made in favour of Intersect will not be settled.
  8. If you are a VAT vendor then please ensure that your VAT number is reflected on every invoice.  You are to ascertain if the client you are billing is registered for VAT, in which case you must reflect its VAT number on the invoice.  Invoices will be rejected unless both VAT reference numbers are reflected and all aspects of Section 20(4) of the VAT Act are applied.
  9. Intersect is not responsible for any delay caused by its clients, due to the authorisation process, see point 2.
  10. Intersect is not responsible for payment should its client refuse to settle the account, for any reason whatsoever.
  11. Completion of this form does not constitute final registration.
  12. Intersect reserves all rights in this regard.